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Providing the best selection of jerky year-round! We gather great brands of flavorful, high quality jerky in one stop to shop! Each craft jerky maker selects quality ingredients to produce a wonderful piece of jerky specifically with you in mind. All of the jerky servings are high in protein, yet low in fat, providing a great source of energy and a healthy snack alternative. All jerky flavors are made in a controlled environment, with quality inspections. Rest assure you will be receiving a bag of jerky catered to you, with exceptional quality and service.


  • KO

    Picked up some Korean BBQ Pork Jerky at the VV Farmers Market. This product is of high quality and very delicious. Further, the salesman was courteous and professional. Gonna order me the KBPJ by the pound!

  • cindy

    Do you have bison

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